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10 Best College Comedies Ever

College is your time to enjoy a certain amount of freedom as there is minimal supervision from your parents or guardians. It is also the time when you are creating a career path that you want to go to. However, college life can also have its challenging and difficult days. Therefore, a little comedy can make your college days a little bit easy and stress-free. There are comedies that you can watch to de-stress and just be entertained.

Best College Comedies Ever

1. Drumline

This film provides the usual underdog-to-victory storyline. It is about a student who wanted to get into the marching band. You will enjoy the humor, student plot, and victorious ending of the film.

2. The Waterboy

This 90s Adam Sandler film’s humor never goes out of style. It is a story about a water boy for the college football team who still has to go to school.

3. Pitch Perfect

This film is basically about college life and the activities that the students can get into. The light comedy, drama, romance, and music made this film among the favorites of students.

4. Neighbors

This 2014 comedy film about a family living beside a frat house. This film shows how college students act when they are in the outside world and dealing with different kinds of people.

5. 22 Jump Street

A story about cops going undercover in a high school definitely provides that comic punch. With its action, comedy, drama, and inspirational theme, college students enjoy this film featuring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

6. Revenge of the Nerds

This film is a hit among students because of its usual evil-versus-good theme. The student-school plots make it something that students can relate with.

7. Monsters University

Who does not enjoy a feel-good Pixar animated film? This film about monsters taking on schooling is entertaining and inspiring. As expected, this Pixar film will always have that plot towards the end that will touch the hearts of the viewers.

8. Legally Blonde

This Reese Witherspoon film is probably one of the best-loved school films. The college law school plots are smartly done, and everyone loves the characters. It is fun and witty.

9. American Pie

Who would ever forget the film American Pie and all its sequels? This naughty but hilarious film about college friends has truly made a mark in the memory of many people. It is well-loved, which is why all of its sequels are hits.

10. Patch Adams

This Robin Williams film is about a man who went back to college to take up a medical course to be a doctor. It is funny, emotional, and heartwarming and can bring inspiration to everyone.
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