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Doug Ferrari is a stand-up comedian and writer celebrating his 25th year in comedy.
He was onstage at age four with “Mayor” Art Finley, a popular morning kid show host of the 60’s, doing a musical revue for 1500 people. He did his first play at college summer school at 16, the year he went onstage at The Comedy Store for Sammy Shore. He started a three-man comedy group, The High Wire Radio Choir, at 17. Their play “Marvin!” got a rave review in the San Francisco Chronicle, getting the Little Man jumping out of his chair.

Doug won the San Francisco Comedy Competition in 1984, and has since played 41 states, five countries, and on 25 national TV shows. He has opened for everyone (see: Resume ) from Bob Hope to Robin Williams, and has made pilgrimages to meet his comedy heroes: George Burns, Red Skelton, Dick Shawn, Lilly Tomlin, and Bill Murray.

Doug is in recovery from a personality disorder (he was a jerk), alcoholism and drug addiction (he is clean and sober) and homelessness (six years ago he spent a year in Tenderloin hotel rooms trying to get treatment. He has pledged to do half his shows for the community in the form of benefits, fundraisers, rehab centers, and comedy talks on recovery for everyone from the Other Bar (lawyers in recovery) to The American Bar Association. He was the keynote speaker and entertainer at the convention of the National Institutes For Mental Health.

Doug’s hobbies include collecting toys from the 60’s (he has over 500), and film (he has seen most of the good movies ever made, and all of the really bad ones).

Doug has four shows currently being booked: 90 minutes of stand-up, a “Rock Comedy” show called “We Will Mock You” starring rock guitar virtuoso Robert Weinstein, his recovery show, and his new one-man play which he wrote and performs, “I’ll Tell You When I’m Kidding”, which recently premiered at the Throckmorton Theatre.

Doug’s future plans include to be on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno, to make it on “Jeopardy”, to get a book deal for his memoir, “Blood On The Clown Suit”, and to release his new CD, “The Best Of My NSA Wiretaps”, which features stand-up and ten songs.

“I’m on a mission from God to make people laugh”, Doug says. “My motto is, if I can keep one person in my audience from getting up in a tower with a rifle, I’m doing my job.”

See the articles on Doug and his comedy blogs on this website for more information.

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