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The Cartoon Laws

1) If you are running in Hanna-Barbara's world, you must rise up and spin your feet until they blur and make a bongo sound.

2) The only three things in Bedrock are a rock, a house, and a tree, and no matter how long you travel, you will pass only those same objects over and over.

3) When two animals fight, either one can occupy two spaces at the same time. Example: Two cats fight; a cloud of dust forms; stars shoot out; one cat's head comes out on the left, the other's on the right, and then one cat's head comes out both sides simultaneously.

4) All Warner Brothers animals have a black hole behind them which can hold a limitless number of objects, such as a hammer or an anvil or a hen house.

5) Note: If you must fight Popeye, take the spinach away from him first.

The Roadrunner Laws

6) If you run off a cliff, you can reach the other side safely if you don't look down.

7) There are four types of boulders:

A) The "Axe" splits you like wood, and you fall in two pieces.

B) The "Diamond Cutter" cracks you like glass and you shatter.

C) "The Manhole Cover"smashes you flat, and you run away on little feet.

D) The "Hammer" pounds you into the ground like a nail.

8) If something explodes in your face, your face will be black for a few seconds, then you're fine again.

9) You can’t kill someone by painting a tunnel on the side of a mountain. They believe it is a tunnel, so they go right through. You, however, will be hurt, either by trying to follow them in and being flattened, or by a train coming out of the tunnel and running you over -- driven by Roadrunner of course.

10) Wile E. Coyote will never give up and just buy a hamburger.

11) Everyone has unlimited credit accounts at Acme Company.

Posted on Jun 08 2007 by Doug
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