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America is Getting Even Crazier

46 people got sick eating at Taco Bell. Hey, if you eat a taco inside a burrito inside an enchilada inside a chalupa, you fucking deserve to get sick.

A new survey shows just how stupid most of us Americans are. 30% polled think the sun revolves around the Earth. I’m surprised they didn’t think the sun revolves around the U.S.

53% believe we did not evolve from apes, 50% think Saddam was behind 9/11 (still!!! Thank you, Fox News), 50% think we found WMD in Iraq, and 31% believe Dick Cheney is doing a good job. That’s after six years under our “education President” Bush who can’t find the Earth on a globe.

A condo owner got in trouble with the Condo Review Board of the Homeowner’s Association because there was a complaint he was displaying a “satanic symbol’.

It was a peace sign.

I’m telling you, we’re getting crazier. There are people who hate the 60’s and 70’s, known as the last fun decades.

The man fought back and the board was fired, thank God.
How can “Christians” be offended by a peace symbol when they worship the Prince Of Peace? Because as the Rev. Al Sharpton says, there is the Christian Right and then there’s right Christians.

Another study proving how harmful global warming is:
We now know that glaciers are melting so rapidly polar bears are drowning; but a new scientific study says that polar bear’s testicles are shrinking. I wouldn’t want THAT gig.

They have a War On Sex ( Hear Audio on this website), a War On Terror that doesn’t exist, and a War On Drugs they lost years ago. Check this out: America consumes 80% of the legal stimulants in the world. The United States, which contains 4% of the world’s population, imports 66% of all illegal drugs in the world. And I say, WE’RE NUMBER ONE!


Meanwhile, one out of ten 11-year old bys in America are on Ritalin, which is “methylphenidate” in generic form. Yes, boys on Meth! And you wonder why other people's children are so fucking annoying in public. They’re doped to the eyeballs!

Arnold Schwarzenegger just gave the top trophy in a bodybuilding contest to a felon convicted of using human growth hormone and steroids. These bodybuilders have also been caught giving a date-rape drug to THEM to counter the effects of the steroids. Arnold said he didn’t know anything about it. Just look at these people – they’re freaks! They make Arnold look like Gilbert Gottfried. Arnold used steroids for 20 or 25 years. His balls must be the size of Grape Nuts, and he doesn’t know? It’s like the people who aren’t sure if baseball players are using steroids – their heads grow! They’re their own bubbleheads!

Of course, when it comes to my beloved Giants, I hope they give them all steroids, maybe we’ll win something this year.

Posted on Jun 08 2007 by Doug
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