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Bush said he was "a uniter, not a divider".  That's the only thing he's ever said that wasn't a lie.  He's a uniter, all right--he's united the entire country against him because of Iraq. Only 5% of the country now believes Bush on the war, plus or minus four points. That poll statistic is an historic first.  But it just makes me want to know: who the hell are those five percent who still believe him? Dennis Miller, Christopher Hitchens, John that five percent yet?
Bush Scandals: A Handy Clip & Save Guide - Part Three: Lying Us Into War

"The first rule of White House is, you don't talk about White House".
--Keith Olbermann

"What Happens In The White House, Stays In The White House".
--Doug Ferrari

This will appear on a regular basis until I get all 30 in.  By then, there will probably be a few new ones.  Oh, well, a political comic's work is never done...

Jokes are both funny and not so funny - sometimes people joke about stupid things in their stand-ups, such as the fact that is eating boogers healthy.

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